He began as a drummer. He has founded and killed many bands. He wrote music, sang, played the drums and many other instruments within a variety of projects, recorded and produced albums, travelled and received acclaim, but you know, everything keeps changing. He owns a digital label, Who Are We Who We Are and is proud to release his fellow musicians’ and friends’ albums. As long as the music’s good. And who says what music is good by the way?

Since the last couple of years, he’s begun to transform into something else. There has been many things going on, families falling apart, friends walking away, people being crushed by life, his country losing many things he used to take for granted and the world being stirred up by the crazy and the malicious.

He had to change, there was no other option for survival, so he started listening. He travelled and got acquainted with the many different sounds he heard. He began performing his solo show, accompanied by his big set of self-made instruments, steel drums, chimes, gongs and log drums. As his world expanded into something new, he started recording alone, which resulted as his new album ‘Mountains are Mountains.’

He still has many things in his pocket. Sounds from a variety of continents, some couple of oceans, many different islands, corners of the earth that not a lot of people know about. Work is in progress, work is always in progress and most probably will always be.


Selected Discography:

Berke Can Özcan featuring Arve Henriksen & Jonah Parzen-Johnson / Twin Rocks (2023 November, Omni Records, Digital+LP)

Sarp Maden & Berke Can Özcan featuring Sanem Kalfa / 1/2 Ada (2023 June, BCO Bandcamp exclusive/Digital), musician & composer

Berke Can Özcan / Stormers the Soundtrack (2023 April, BCO Bandcamp exclusive/Digital), composer & producer

El Ele: solidarity in the aftermath of Turkey & Syria earthquakes / Compilation by Zel Zele records (2023 March Zelzele Bandcamp exclusive/Digital), musician & composer

Jonah Parzen-Johnson & Berke Can Özcan / Friendship Music for Turkey (2023 March JPJ Bandcamp exclusive/Digital), musician

Berke Can Özcan / How’s everyone in Istanbul? (2023 February BCO Bandcamp exclusive/Digital), composer & producer

Koray Kantarcıoğlu / Loopworks 2 (2022 May, Discrepant Records, Digital+LP), guest musician

Ozan Tekin / Anarya, Convertations with a fading piano (2022 May, Gulbaba Records/Digital+LP), guest musician

Offseeds / Tales of Extinction (2022 April, Digital+Cassette), co-writer and musician

Berke Can Özcan feat. Serdar Ateşer, Sarp Maden & Erkan Oğur / Cicadas & Kitharas (2021 BCO Bandcamp exclusive/Digital), musician and producer

Blurry the Explorer / Blurry the Explorer (2021), guest musician

Abberlasker / Meksika Maden Günlükleri (2020 WAWWWA/Digital), musician and producer

Berke Can Özcan / Mountains are Mountains (2020 WAWWWA/Digital+Bohemian Drips/Vinyl), musician and producer

Serdar Ateşer / Shipahoy Extended Edition (2020 SA Bandcamp/Digital), musician and producer

Berke Can Özcan / The Last Polaroid (2020 BCO Bandcamp/Digital), musician and producer

Ahmet Ali Arslan & Berke Can Özcan / Ormandaki Kuş (2020 AAA Music/Digital), musician and co-producer

Ahmet Ali Arslan & Berke Can Özcan / Mor (2020 AAA Music/Digital), musician and co-producer

Adam Rudolph’s Rom Blue / Letafet (2020 Meta Records/Digital), musician

Big Beats Big Times feat. Filippo Sala / Live in Bergamo (2019 WAWWWA/Digital), musician and producer

Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç / Şey Şey Şey (2019 LU Records/Digital), musician

Feryin Kaya & Berke Can Özcan / Bard, Bad, Brad (2019 WAWWWA/Digital), musician and producer

Efe Demiral / Uyku Pansiyon (2019 Bilgi Music Label/CD+Digital), musician

Big Beats Big Times / A Live Alone (2019 WAWWWA/Digital), musician and producer

Bluefish [Documentary] (2019), original soundtrack composer

Harmondia / A Strange Tissue of Space and Time (2018 WAWWWA/Digital), musician and producer

Sundowner / Waters (2016 WAWWWA/Digital), musician

Konstrukt & Alexander Hawkins / Live at Cafe Oto (2016 Holiday Records/Vinyl), musician

Konstrukt feat. Graham Massey & David Andrew McLean / Live at Islington Mill (2016 Holiday Records/Vinyl), musician

Konstrukt / Molto Bene (2016 Holiday Records/Vinyl), musician

Selim Saraçoğlu / Başka Bir Vaha (2016 Baykuş Müzik/Digital), musician

Big Beats Big Times feat. Gunnar Halle / A Live Benjamin (2015 WAWWWA/Digital), musician and producer

Big Beats Big Times / Full Moon Theory (2015 WAWWWA+Bohemian Drips/Vinyl), musician and producer

Marika / bohemian drips presents (2015 Bohemian Drips/Vinyl), musician

Gunnar Halle / Istanbul Sky (2015 Ozella/CD+Vinyl), guest musician

Great Republic of South (2014 WAWWWA/Digital), musician

Big Beats Big Times feat. Kenny Wollesen, Erland Dahlen / First Live (2014 WAWWWA/Digital), musician and producer

123 / Anja (2014 WAWWWA/Digital), musician and producer

Köksüz [Movie] (2013), original soundtrack composer

Okay Temiz & Hüseyin Ertunç Etnik Orkestra / Live in Istanbul (2013 Sagittarius A-Star/Vinyl), musician

Various Turkish Free Music (2013 Sagittarius A-Star/Vinyl), musician

Tolga Tüzün & Berke Can Özcan / Seeding (2012 Another World Records/Digital), musician

123 / Arve (2010 WAWWWA/CD+Book), musician and producer

123 / Aksel (2009 WAWWWA/CD+Book), musician and producer

Brazzaville / In Istanbul (2009 Doublemoon/CD), musician

DANdadaDAN / Sen Bana Birini Android (2006 Fono Müzik/CD), musician

Tamburada / Fantastik (2005 Akusta Records/CD), musician

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