Big Beats Big Times is the collaboration-loving alter ego of Berke Can Ozcan. It’s like an ever-changing band that is not actually a band, but an idea.

BBBT’s first album, 8-track vinyl ‘Full Moon Theory’ was released by Berlin based label Bohemian Drips in 2016 and featured drum masters such as Jack Irons, Kenny Wollessen, Erland Dahlen, Blair Sinta. We don’t mention this for advertising purposes, but rather out of mere respect and love. Enough with words, music speaks for itself below.

Kenny Wollessen, Erland Dahlen and Berke Can Ozcan

The Man with the Bell by BBBT feat. Erland Dahlen

Not Mine by Full Moon Theory Band @ Babylon

benjamin by BBBT feat. Gunnar Halle

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