One needs to rethink the concept of performance when approaching Berke Can Özcan’s teketek. The word simply means “one on one”. However one is not “on” the other. One guest is accepted to each performance and this recipient does not only consume the artistic product but also takes part in its creation.

teketek begins with a list of words presented to the guest. The guest chooses two words amongst a hundred and eighteen , and the foundation of the performance is built upon these keywords.

The fuel of the performance is collaborators’ actions and nonactions. There are no rules to follow, the guest is free to join the performance directly, play an instrument, sleep, dance, read, meditate or merely observe. Whatever he does, his presence and will is as prominent to the act as the performer’s. The muse inspires the artists who in turn inspires the muse. The guest receives a unique souvenir by the end of the performance, the whole experience recorded in a cassette tape.

Berke’s wide set of performance equipment consists of various musical instruments he collected throughout the years as well as homemade soundmakers, broken and recycled materials, in brief anything that can make a sound.

teketek reapproaches notions of artistic communication, the creative process, quality of interaction and individual experience, the limiting or freeing roles of performer and recipient. Each performance creates and opportunity to reconnect with the creative flux and expand the view of artistic performance as a tool of communication and freedom of self expression..

A sample from Berke Can Ozcan's "One on One" sessions.

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