Berke Can Özcan

Berke Can Özcan is a musician, producer, performing and recording artist, composer, and songwriter born in Istanbul, now residing in Abu Dhabi.

He plays the drums, percussion, vibraphone, gongs, samplers, piano, and sings. Özcan spans various music styles, including jazz, Turkish psychedelic rock, ambient, electro-acoustic, pop, improvisation, contemporary, and experimental music.

Özcan's recording credits include collaborations with artists like Arve Henriksen, Jonah Parzen-Johnson, Kenny Wollesen, Erland Dahlen, Jack Irons and many more. He has produced and released several albums, including "Twin Rocks" (2023), "Mountains Are Mountains" (2020).

His projects range from dance theatre performances like "The Things We Carry" to sound sculpture installations with "Found Sounds". Özcan also composes scores for films and various art installations and exhibitions. He has toured around the globe (Europe, East Africa, Japan and Satsunan Islands, North and South America, Canary Islands, UK) with various projects.